Youth Section

The Al Huda Youth pledges to serve the awaited Imam, may Allah swt hasten his reappearance, by providing the youth with an in-depth understanding of the main Islamic pillars. We plan to achieve this by offering a combination of activities, such as; lectures, workshops, social, and sport related events. Our main goals encompass the following:

  • To reinforce the teachings of Ahlul Bayt pbut
  • To create a welcoming, and accepting environment for all Muslim youth
  • To provide youth with tools needed to navigate western society while still maintaining Islamic values
  • To create leaders for the further betterment of our Islamic society.
  • To provide leisure events for youth to de-stress, and form bonds within the Muslim community
  • To guide youth on their journey of faith

May Allah swt guide us and help us accomplish our goals.


The Al-Huda Youth consists of a male and female committee who work collaboratively to design and structure programs and events that meet the needs of the youth. Each committee is led by a Chair and executive, and supported by a larger sub-committee. Committes host gender-specific events as well as co-ed ones.

Our Male youth committee:

  • MYC Chair: Moussa Jundi,
  • MYC members: Hassan Chakroun, Hussein Hamam, Mohamad Hamieh, Mohamad Khala

Our Female youth committee:

  • FYC Chair: Nouhad Hamam
  • FYC members: Mariam Jammal, Farah Kamaleddine, Aya Makki, Ruba Mouzannar, Zahraa Saab


Most programs and activities are held at the Al-Huda Islamic Centre. Camping retreats, ski trips, banquets, and other activities can be held at various locations, such as:

  • High School Gyms
  • Banquet Halls
  • Ski resorts
  • Camping sites


Joint events:

  • Duaa Kumail every Thursday night
  • Duaa Tuwassul every Tuesday night
  • Black history month
  • Ramadan
    o Lectures, bonfires, discussions, Q&As
  • Muharram
    o Lectures, Q&As
  • Annual ski trip
  • Social Banquets
  • Islamic workshops
  • Collaborations with other Muslim youth groups

Female committee events

  • New Year’s Eve party
  • Female catered Islamic lectures

Male committee events

  • Male Youth Saturday Lesson and Discussion
  • Yearly camping trips
  • Male catered Islamic lectures.