About Us

Al-Huda Muslim Society is an Islamic non-profit organization. Its goal and objective is to promote the teachings of Islam, according to the Shi’a Ithna-Asheri Ja’fari school of thought, as well as to create a safe and Islamic atmosphere for its adults, youth and kids.

Al-Huda Muslim Society was first established in 1993 by a few families that felt the need to have a facility in order to harbor the community and help preserve its cultural and Islamic atmosphere. After holding gatherings in a rented unit for a few years, with the grace of Allah (swt), Al-Huda was able to raise enough funds to buy their first ever property in 1996, at 10 Codeco Court, to help us further grow and expand. Since then, the Al-Huda community has been growing year after year.

With the various committees and subcommittees working at full throttle in order to keep programs efficient and successful, the Al-Huda community became too large for the building that they owned. The scouts, school and youth programs became limited in their programs due to the lack of proper facilities. In 2005, Al-Huda had new plans to expand. Al-Huda began looking for a new, larger facility to purchase, while in parallel played with the idea of an expansion project at its same facility.

Finally, in 2012, after years of gathering donations and studying all their options, Al-Huda Muslim Society purchased their dream property at 975 Kennedy Rd. This facility will allow the community to grow comfortably while being able to operate efficiently.

Today, Al-Huda strives to create one facility that offers the services of a mosque, school, youth centre, social hub, funeral service and a cultural and educational centre. The scouts, school and youth programs are operating successfully with their highest numbers ever and the growth is constant.

With the grace and will of Allah (swt), Al-Huda’s intentions will always be for the betterment of the community.
Al-Huda depends on Allah, Ahlul-Bayt and its generous members to sustain its success and to create leaders for tomorrow that will carry the torch for growth and prosperity.

Board of Directors