Al Huda Youth pledges to serve the awaited Imam, may Allah swt hasten his reappearance, by putting the unity of the community first. We strive to reinforce the teaching of Ahlul Bayt pbut and create a welcoming, accepting environment for all Muslim youth. Our goal is to create leaders for the further betterment of our Islamic society. We achieve this by offering a combination of activities and sports while incorporating Islamic teachings, morals and

ethics to maximize the benefit.  May Allah swt guide us and help us accomplish our goals.


Al-Huda Youth have both a male and a female youth committee. Each committee is structured so that the right individuals hold given responsibilities to ensure proper and efficient function. Youth programs  and activities are held separate between both committees and in some cases as a joint event.


Most programs and activities are held at Al-Huda Islamic Centre. Camps, trips and activities are sometimes held at various locations.
High School +


Duaa Kumail every Thursday night
Female Youth Bi-weekly Program
Male Youth Saturday Lesson and Discussion

As well as various monthly activities such as trips, camps, sleepovers and lectures.