Assalamu Alaikum,
Al-Huda is hiring 4 university students, who are returning to
University this September. The summer work term is for 9
weeks starting on May 22nd 2017.

1. See detailed job description below: The four positions
titles are: 1) Administrative Assistant, 2) Communication
Development Assistant (Media), 3) Centre Maintenance
Assistant, 4) Finance Analyst.

2. The hourly rate is $11.40 per hour

3. The number of working hours is 6 hours per day, 30
hours per week, from Tuesday to Saturday, Sunday and
Monday off.

4. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10 am to 5 pm
with one-hour break which can be split as the student
wishes. On Thursdays and Saturdays, the working hours are
from 4 pm to 11 pm with one hour break as well.

For those who are interested, please send your resume to

• Deadline to apply is Monday May 15th. Interviews
will take a place at Al-Huda during next week.

Financial Analyst:
o Reports directly to the Finance officer & President.
o Works with the Finance Committee and get other duties assigned through.
o Assists in data entries, creation of policies, procedures, memberships, spreadsheets, donation Boxes, and other tasks.
o Scans hard copies of invoices past, present and future, saves them accordingly in folders.
o Assists in preparing the budget and monthly/quarterly reports.
o Helps in writing meeting minutes when applicable.
o Works on potential grant applications and make the proper preparations when possible.
o prepare paperwork for accountant
o update SUMAC database
o follow up with other committees on preparing and submitting complete reimbursement paperwork
o assist financial officer during Ramadan and Ashura programs
o communicate with CRA regarding any outstanding queries
o organize and document all accounting source documents with references
o Fluency in Arabic language is an asset.

Centre maintenance Assistant:
o Reports directly to the Centre Manager and the President.
o Assists in keeping the centre clean and organized, pays attention to safety, security, and professional presentation of the building inside and outside in its best.
o Acts on, and documents all inspection, and compliance reports.
o Be in charge, when applicable, of opening and closing the Centre in accordance to a routine checklist.
o Helps the Centre Manager in scheduling & booking events and functions held at the center including requests from Alim, Board of Trustees, Executive Board, and other parties.
o Fluency in Arabic language is an asset.
o Other tasks as may be assigned.

Administrative Assistant:
o Reports directly to the president and works with the Board of Trustees and Executive Board committees.
o Answers the office phone during office houres
o Assists in tasks such as organizing and leading campaigns to promote membership of the society.
o Works on society’s membership renewal, creating lists, updating and communicating to keep the current directory of Al-Huda membership, and other relevant contacts lists accurate.
o May be assigned other tasks as come up.
o Must be fluent in both English and Arabic languages.

Communication Development Assistant:
o Reports directly to the Media Officer and the President.
o Must be fluent in both English and Arabic languages.
o Prepares Flyers, writes and sends emails in both languages if need be.
o Updates contents on Al-Huda website when required.
o Assists in the implementation of the communication and media policy in accordance with the vision, and mission of Al-Huda Society.
o Helps in the creating and design of a newsletter which will be sent to the community.
o Works on Video/Audio & Sound System tasks when needed.
o Ensures proper storage, security, and tidiness of media equipment and desk.
o May be assigned other tasks as come up.